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Executive Director


Sara Oletti, M.Ed

Supporting children with special needs is the heart of my work. I am dedicated to maintaining a learning space where every family is valued, included, appreciated and supported. 

Sara is a world-traveling special educator and mama to two little ones. Sara loves new adventures and seeing different perspectives. She holds a BA.Ed in both Special Education and Elementary Education, as well as an M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis. Sara has held a variety of roles as a special educator including behavioral therapist, special day classroom teacher, resource director and inclusion coordinator for programs in California and Arizona. 


Our family has worked with so many special educators over the years that it's easy to tell when we've found a gem. Sara is an absolute gem! She's consistent, firm, energetic, resourceful, unflappable and highly trained in special needs education. Our family has worked with Sara for the past 3 years, and not once has she wavered in her confidence in my son's abilities and empathy for his struggles. It's rare to find an educator who truly believes in your child and rejoices in every accomplishment, no matter how small. It's clear that Sara wants our kids to succeed, and she is well equipped to make that happen.


Sara Oletti is a remarkable educator and a fabulous human being. Sara has worked with our family providing childcare for our sons (one with special needs, one without), and she also worked as the Director of Education for Camp Bennett (a constraint therapy camp for kids with hemiplegia) which I founded. Her educational background in Behavioral Analysis and her innate talents with children help her form wonderful relationships with children while still providing boundaries. She also is incredibly organized, motivated, and tirelessly dedicated to educating all children in the ways that most meet their individual needs. She is passionate about her work and I highly recommend working with her in any capacity!  

Sara has been an absolute treasure working with my son! He is in 3rd grade and has ADHD-combined and Sensory Processing Disorder. He has a hard time learning in groups, staying on task, keeping focused and wanting to complete his work. Sara understands him and what he needs in the classroom. She has patience and really cares about my son. She is warm, helps him stay on task, provides clear guidelines and expectations and provides positive feedback. Sara is aware of his sensory needs and provides him a safe environment where he can learn in his own way. My son wants to do a good job when he’s working with Sara….he loves her!


Audrey Vernick

Director of Advocacy, Brain Recovery Project

Founder & Director of Camp Bennett, 2010-2012


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